During the summer months, whether it’s relaxing with family and friends around a back yard fire or camping in the wilderness, Ordonez Brothers Firewood has the capabilities of satisfying your firewood needs. You may be entertaining guests for the Holidays or a “just for the heck of it” week day fire, we have the wood for you!

Delivery Service

Ordonez Brothers Firewood main target is to supply in a professional way with good quality firewood from sustainable managed forests, at comparable units (weight and moisture content) at affordable prices (fair) with a customer oriented attitude (flexible and fast) an a longterm basis.

What makes our wood so good? It’s the fact that we take the time to kiln dry it for a better burn and offer easy pickup or delivery.

Shop at Ordonez Brothers Firewood, and you will find a variety of kiln-dried, organic options for your fires. You can choose from any of the following exceptional woods: OAK - HICKORY - KILN-DRIED

Ordonez Brothers Firewood