Ordonez Brothers Firewood

We are happy to take custom orders for boiler length wood, extra-large pieces, or small pieces.

Ordonez Brothers Firewood


We are committed to serving our community. We believe that we are not just in the firewood business, we are also in the people business. Our job is to keep your family warm and happy.

Ordonez Brothers Firewood


We make sure families have access to premium quality hardwood firewood all year long. We know that families need great firewood for their fireplaces and to heat their homes all winter long.

Ordonez Brothers Firewood

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We carry several types of hardwoods including mixed hardwoods, oak, and hickory. Each wood has its own unique features and burns differently. Each type of wood is best suited for different things.

hardwood, mellow flame, consistent longer burn


This is a very common tree that can be found just about anywhere. It is a dense wood, so it will burn for a very long time. The only hard part is getting the fire started. Because it is so dense, it requires continuous high heat. However, once you get the fire going, it will last for quite some time.

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Hardest wood we sell, aromatic scent, great for smoking


This is a tree that is very similar to oak. Like oak, the density of this wood allows it to burn for quite a while. Of all our wood selections, many find that hickory provides the best overall experience. Since the wood doesn’t hold much moisture, once kiln dried, hickory is extremely easy to ignite. There is absolutely no possibility of insects or mold and it gives off the lowest emissions, making it safe whether you want to enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

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